How to Have a Great Day

Monday is on record as one of the best days ever. Not in the way that you feel on a great vacation, or after a special birthday celebration, or how I felt after sky diving, but in a way that can't be described because nothing extraordinary happened.

I was smiling all day. I was singing and dancing all day. I caught myself grinning ear-to-ear at one point of the day; to the point that my face was hurting from smiling so much. I felt like I was taking prom pictures all over again.

Although nothing over the top happened on this regular Monday, I have pinpointed a few things that really made my day wonderful and I would encourage them to everyone.

A Bit of Inspiration

Guide to Having a Great Day!

1. Start your day with coffee. I read somewhere that just having something warm in your hands makes a person happy and that even applies with coffee in the summer.

2. Do something active-- just writing that sentence made me cringe a little bit. I am not an exercise freak (not in the slightest!) but after today I realized how great I felt after going to a Barre 3 class. Do something that makes you happy! For example, running in the morning does not make me happy, but if that gets the endorphins going for you then go for it... have fun... I will never join you.

3. Talk to your favorite people. Spread your happiness or soak up theirs. That is what best friends are for.

The Library

4. Do something you love...and get paid for it. Going to a job that you love makes all the difference in the world and having co-workers that you miss when you leave work doesn't hurt either.

5. Listen to great music.
This song turns me into a rock star and my steering wheel are my drums.
James Taylor puts a smile on my face

6. Love the place you live.
State. City. Home. 
I love them all.

7. Eat great food and drink great drinks. Preferably outside. Preferably mexican because sangria swirls can pretty much guarantee a great day.

7. Do something new. 

8. End the day with something you love.
That is why I am here, curled up in my bed, blogging away.

I love doing this and I love these kinds of days. 

I wish the kind of happiness I felt all day on everyone today.

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