All Day Thanksgiving Wardrobe

{8:00} Pajamas
{11:30} Sweater // Pants // Flats // Oven Mitt
{2:00} Dress // Tights // Earrings // Lip Pencil

Thanksgiving at my house is full of traditions, food, and outfit changes.
Every Thanksgiving begins the same for me; on the couch, in my pajamas, and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I have never missed the parade, and I can safety say that I never will.
One of my favorite Thanksgiving morning traditions is drinking orange juice with raspberries out of a wine glass. This morning drink started when I was little and the excitement of drinking from a wine glass was high- 
23 years old and I still get excited.

After the parade, it is officially cooking time and I am summoned to the kitchen to get started on the dressing. Making the dressing has always been a team effort by my dad and me, but I think he finally trusts me enough to give me complete control this year. The pressure!
For all the cooking it is important to be comfortable and that means an oversized sweater, my Pixie pants, and my favorite flats. Don't forget the oven mitt!

After all the food is prepared (which takes about 3 days total), this very anticipated Thanksgiving meal is ready to eat. With all the work and time that has gone in, I think it is important to make this meal a little more formal than an every day dinner, and that shows in my next wardrobe change.
Out of my comfortable outfit and into an (almost) equally comfortable outfit of tights and a dress. The key in this outfit is a loose fitting combo that allows plenty of room for the food baby that will most likely form. Let's be honest, if you don't stuff yourself than you aren't celebrating Thanksgiving in the correct way. 

My last and undocumented outfit change is back in to my comfy outfit for the remainder of the day, which includes pie, football, wine, games, and laughs with my family. 

Enjoy your day of food, family, and fashion.

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