Ultimate Gift Guide

I had been working on and planning out some of my own gift guides to last throughout the holiday season.
I had been working on a boyfriend gift guide, one for the girly girl, and one with all my Christmas wishes... when BAM!!! all my gift guides were blown out of the water.
My eight to ten item gift guides were put to absolute shame when I learned about the 

Meg Biram of Megbiram.com and Katie Anderson of Modern-Eve launched the greatest and grandest gift guide on Monday with many of my favorite blogger's help and it is the best thing to happen, ever. 

This guide will guarantee that you are crowned the merriest and brightest gifter of them all. Full of gifts to please mom, dad, brothers and sisters, the artsy friend, the glamazon, the world traveler, and the girl who has it all.
As for me, I'll take one of everything!
Oh, and the good news? This extraordinary gift guide isn't a one-time deal-- the founders have promised that we will see another around that important gift-giving holiday in February.

Seriously, one of EVERYTHING.


  1. LOVE but still want to see yours!!

  2. Thanks so much for posting our gift guide! You are sweet & should still do your own so we can see them! :)
    xo @megbiram

  3. Isn't this amazing!?! Literally poured over this!



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