Chocolate Fudge Pomegranate Cookies

Before this year I had never even eaten a pomegranate. It wasn't until a sweet friend once exclaimed that pomegranates were her favorite snack that they entered my culinary radar. 


I hadn't even tried the fruit yet, but when I found this recipe for Chocolate Fudge Pomegranate Cookies I was intrigued and my mouth was watering. I am a lover of desserts with fruit in them, and all chocolate treats sometimes seem too rich for me. I loved the idea of a delicious, gooey, fudge cookie with bursts of refreshing sweetness and that is exactly what this cookie is.

I also love the hints of pink hiding in this dough and in the cookies-- so pleasing to the eye and the stomach. Rather than using a fresh pomegranate (which you can do) I bought the snack pack of pomegranate arils which gives you all the juice and arils for this recipe!

I followed this recipe from my favorite food blog. I swear that Jessica at How Sweet It Is cannot go wrong and her blog is overflowing with delicious recipes just begging to be made! (I almost always give in to the begging... I think the last 10 recipes I have made have come from her recipe index)


Don't be thrown off by the pomegranates, these cookies are an incredible chocolate cookie with a hint of something special. They also got the major stamp of approval from my pomegranate-loving friend as we devoured them while watching the final episode of Gossip Girl. 

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