Everything Good is Gold

It all started with a simple purchase of gold, metallic spray paint.
Bottle in hand, I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted. 
Before I knew it I was convincing myself that everything in my apartment should be gold.
Luckily I came to my senses right before I started painting the refrigerator. 

I actually purchased my spray paint at Wal-Mart but anywhere you can
find non-toxic, gold (or silver) paint is great!

My first project was to jazz up an inexpensive set of stemless wine glasses from Ross (only $4.99). I don't think they look that inexpensive at all anymore.

I followed the directions from my favorite DIY site and it was a relatively easy process that resulted in new glasses that I cannot wait to use!

A few tips!
*Wear plastic gloves if you want to protect your hands or nails, because mine are now covered in gold paint.
*Always spray outside in a well ventilated area!
*Wait until the paint is completely dry before removing the tape!
*Do not put these glasses in the dishwasher. Only hand wash!

Once I had finished the glasses I just walked around my apartment picking up other things that I could paint. You can't go wrong with gold paint-- it makes everything look better!

I bought this hand at Ross as well and used the gold spray to paint the bottom half and cover up the hideous pattern that was there previously. Now I have a chic, two-toned, gold jewelry holder.

These fun, patterned books are actually old Readers Digest that I bought for a dollar each at The Rink in Bethany. Using painters tape and a plastic bag I covered everything but the bind to create a 
display-worthy literary collection. 

Be glad that I didn't paint the cookies I was making gold too!
They will be on the blog tomorrow


  1. You're so crafty! I love the tumblers and the books look awesome!
    - The Fashionable ESQ.,

    1. Thank you! You should try it! The tumblers were easy and perfect for entertaining!


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