Honey Beer Bread

This bread is maybe one of my favorite things I have ever made. It was easy, had a quick preparation, and the smell that poured from my oven for the whole hour that it cooked was heavenly. 

I wanted to make this bread as soon as I saw the recipe because the name brought up so many memories from middle school and a certain restaurant that served this bread in muffin-form. This restaurant was the go-to spot on weekends before we would hit the local movie theatre and every meal was served with a warm, buttery beer muffin. I feared that my attempt to try and recreate this bread would fall short, but it did not. The taste was incredible and one bite brought back every memory from middle school that I had tried to forget.  
I followed this recipe and now think that all bread should be made with beer to avoid the yeast tragedy that allows occurs in other, standard bread recipes. Simply mix all the ingredients together and place in the oven? Easy! Mixing the honey butter together proved to be the most difficult task (arm workout!) but it is all worth it when you can spread some sweet butter on a slice of warm beer bread.
This recipe is perfect for this weekend and St. Patrick's Day. You can use any beer you want; a darker beer would really some depth and flavor but any old beer you have in your fridge works great too!
You can't go wrong with honey and beer. 

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