Mid Week Update

I had planned on blogging every day this week until my plans hit a bump in the road. Well actually a truck in the road hit my car, leaving me with a dent, without an automobile, and car-pooling middle-school-style with my mom the last couple of days. So since I have been at home with my parents all week, I also have been without internet, as theirs was down until Tuesday afternoon. Not to worry, because all is well now! I have internet and my fingers are double crossed that my car will be ready tomorrow afternoon.

Here is what has been happening, what is currently happening, things I have learned, and things I love.
things i love
 There have been some serious good blog posts already this week. I have been in love with Cupcakes and Cashmere for years and this blog post by Emily is so real and fun (and brave!). Bee is looking stunning again in her girly, French inspired post. And Camille shared exciting news in her post, Read All About It. If I was being completely honest, it would be my dream (20 years down the road) to write a book and just share all the lovely things from life. I think at that time I would have many pages of things that are too sweet not to share. 
things i have learned
 This week I learned that life is far too short. Every day is a chance to live and love and that should never be forgotten.
things that have been happening
 I (finally) got my hair done today. I was feeling so much inspiration to chop off my long locks like Julia recently did. But once I sat in that swivel chair I heard myself saying those familiar words "oh, just a trim". So here I am feeling refreshed with clean ends and shiny color but I can't help thinking "what if?". I usually am pretty fearless when it comes to my hair (which explains dying it brown, red, pink and blue, as well as chopping off ten inches in high school), but I think maybe I will think about cutting my hair for a little longer and do some research on short hair styles before I make the big chop. 
things that are currently happening
I am watching the timer slowly count down until some delicious banana bread comes out of the oven. It is a wonderful recipe that my mom has been making for years. I made the banana bread tonight and am hoping it turns out as well! It makes the perfect evening snack and I will go to sleep on Tuesday night, excited to wake up and enjoy it again with my morning coffee. 
Live and love. Every day and always. 

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