Whole Lemon Bars

I think I would trust Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen) with my life. Well I at least trust her with my cooking and baking life and that is big.
I have never had any problems with any recipes from her cookbook or blog, and many have become my favorites, like granola and homemade oreos. I don't even get nervous when trying one for the first time, even when the recipe is for an important event, like your best friend's bridal shower. 

I think that lemon bars are perfect for an afternoon, spring event and they are one of my favorite desserts. I had never tried making them before but I knew to go to my Smitten Kitchen cookbook for the best recipe. I was surprised upon reading the recipe that Deb's lemon squares call for a whole lemon; skin and all. I trusted her and went ahead and threw the whole, sliced lemon in the food processor and was quite proud of the results. 
You begin my baking the crust and then top it with the yummy lemon filling. The greatest part about this recipe? That you make the entire thing in the food processor!
Topping lemon bars with loads of powdered sugar is a must. Even with all the sugar on top, lemon bars are still an acceptable breakfast, so enjoy!
I absolutely loved these lemon squares and received lots of compliments throughout the day. I know that I will be making this recipe again very soon, but maybe after the wedding I have in two weeks. 

Still smitten with Smitten Kitchen. 

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  1. Yum! Are these more sweet or tart?


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