Strawberry, Banana, and Ginger Smoothie

I drink a smoothie for breakfast almost every morning. I love mine loaded with frozen fruit, fresh baby spinach, almond butter, and almond milk. To that standard base I will add spices like cinnamon and ginger and power foods like avocado, flax, or chia seeds. I make my smoothie at night and refrigerate it so that grabbing it for breakfast in the morning is as easy as possible and I am able to snuggle in my warm bed for a couple extra minutes. 

The first recipe I made from my "What Katie Ate" cookbook was her Strawberry, Banana, and Ginger Smoothie and not just because it was on the first page. I am always looking for new smoothie recipes and this one was perfect for the day after Christmas when I was trying to eat a little lighter. 

Strawberry, Banana, and Ginger Smoothie 
serves 3-4

2 cups milk (your choice)
1/3 cup natural yogurt
3 frozen bananas, roughly chopped
handfull strawberries, hulled
1 x 3/4 inch piece ginger, peeled and grated
1 tablespoon honey

Place all ingredients in a blender and whizz until smooth! 

A few of my other favorite smoothies right now!

I like to top my smoothies with granola.

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