Shoes in Two Places

From reading this blog or knowing me personally, you might know that one of my least favorite things to do is go shoe shopping. Take me to a store to buy dresses, work clothes, jewelry, or even makeup and I could probably spend the entire day doing it-- but shoes are a different story. I detest the act of having to look for the perfect shoe to go with a certain outfit or one pair of shoes for the new season. I always feel like there is so much pressure and I usually pick out the least practical or ugly shoes. I admit that I am pretty much a failure when it comes to shoe shopping. 

One way that I don't hate shopping for shoes is online. It is so much easier because the shoes are divided by style, sometimes color, and I can quickly quit whenever I become overwhelmed. Currently there are two places that I actually enjoy looking at and buying shoes- Ann Taylor Loft and Club Monaco. I have purchased numerous pairs from the Loft (usually on sale) and they are some of my favorite and most comfortable heels and Club Monaco just released their shoe collection in the last new months. 

I would recommend both sites if you are looking for shoes and the thought of walking in to a department store's shoe section gives you hives-- oh, just me? 

Ann Taylor Loft
Suede Peep Tow Wedge Sandals
Perforated Sandal - I just recently purchased these and love them!
Ankle Strap Gladiator Sandals

I would recommend never buying anything on Loft full price, just wait a day and they will be on sale!

Club Monaco

Calf Hair Sandal
T-Strap Sandal
Tassle Sandal

For as much as I don't like shoes, I sure do blog about them a lot. 

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