Happy Hump Day

Wednesday mornings make me happy-- I have made it to the middle of the week and the weekend is now officially in view, and I am very much looking forward to this weekend. 

To get you through today and the rest of the week, I am compiled some fun and entirely random links and lovelies.

Let's start with a story--
About a week ago I realized that I had lost something that is quite valuable to me. It is small and shiny and fits on the middle finger of my right hand. I am quite notorious for losing jewelry and I don't want this trend to continue as I grow up. I set out to find my missing ring, looking in all the normal places, car, my carpet, laundry basket to come up empty handed. Then I realized I was forgetting the most obvious place, which was the bottom of all the purses and bags I had carried in the last year. Sure enough, in the deepest crevice of a bag was my tiny ring. 
The story and adventure could end there, but I chose to endure this mission and dig through every purse I own. 

Nine purses later and the above is what I had recovered.
$2.16 which will by me a cup of coffee this week and therefore a total jackpot
8 writing utensils, including two of my favorite pens
5 lip balms
2 yoga headbands
2 pins (one reading "entertain me, I'm bored"... what on earth)
1 notepad
26 gum wrappers
14 receipts
11 bobby pins (the ultimate!)
1 root beer candy

Have a great Hump Day!

J.Crew Stop it Right Now

An Oh Joy! Thanksgiving Style Guide

Monogram everything

To have a sitting area in my bedroom...Swoon

 More holiday fashion

I really want to learn to make this

This is on sale and I am swooning

Velvet and lace

Sassy School Girl

and the best for last...

Tom Hanks slam poetry about "Full House"

In the words of Regina George's mom,
"I'm gonna make you a hump day treat!"

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  1. that monogram tote. i love croque monsieur. and the Cup of joe post was wonderful. good post


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