Pasta all'Amatriciana

Let me just begin by giving full credit for this recipe and the photo to one of my favorite bloggers, Victoria of vmac and cheese. She had blogged about this pasta months ago and when I came across it, I quickly bookmarked it to make later. When some of my sweetest friends decided to get together for dinner, I pulled this recipe out because I knew it would be easy, yet completely satisfying. There is something to be said about making a big pot of pasta for friends. 

Like I mentioned, this pasta was so easy and required very few ingredients. To accompany dinner, I threw together a big salad with blackberries and candied walnuts (a simpler version of this) and we finished everything off with angel food cake topped with strawberries. Angel food cake (which I totally bought at the store) is a completely underrated dessert and it's basically air so we all went back for seconds. Besides, I have always said that if there is fruit involved then you are practically losing weight. 

I'm gonna go lose some weight with some apple pie and strawberry ice cream.

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  1. I think I will adopt your style of thinking... Not sure if Caleb will love this idea or hate it ;)


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