I'm a Big Girl Now

There are those important moments and milestones in life that define a certain age and represent adulthood. Graduating high school, getting married, one's first, real job, etc, etc...
Well today I feel like a woman because I started my first recipe index.

Not only am I feeling old but also very much like my mother, a feeling that has been reoccurring a lot lately. But I guess if I was really turning into my mother then my recipe collection would be a smorgasbord of old recipe cards, pages torn out of magazines, print-outs from online, and passed down family recipes written on notebook paper. A girl can only dream of that. 

Since the creation of my blog, I feel like more than ever I have been searching for new and wonderful recipes to share with all of you. There have been cupcakes, some really delicious Hershey Kiss cookies and the great homemade oreos. Then there have also been some semi-disastrous nutella cookies and chocolate chip pudding cookies in which I learned valuable lessons like never try to half an egg or add actual pudding to cookies. 

Looking back on my old recipe posts, I have noticed a consistent theme of sweets in my choice of recipes to share. Not because that's all I put on my blog, it's because that is all I ever make. After this realization I am going to change my ways and pledge to start making and sharing recipes whose main ingredients aren't sugar, flour, and butter. Homemade hummus anyone?

Until next time.
21 going on 52.

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